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Flipping Homes: "More than Real Estate Investing - Free Online Coaching!”   Flipping Homes is here to help you… Connect and share ideas with a community of other investors Improve your flipping houses business through solid education Plan for success in business and … [Read More...]

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How Do Hard Money Loans Work? [video]

Imagine how your IRA could benefit from the huge returns that Hard Money Lenders enjoy!  Is your IRA currently yielding 8%, %10% or more?

Savvy real estate investors and other professionals have discovered the secrets of massive yields generated through private hard money lending, where YOU get to be the [Read More…]

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Collecting Houses

by Ken Holmes Collecting HousesI recently met with a nice young couple. While they have regular jobs, they had flipped a couple houses and had a portfolio of 3 rental houses as well. They had asked me to look at what they were doing and see what I... Continue Reading

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