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Are You a Butterfly or a Caterpillar?

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  • Are You a Butterfly or a Caterpillar?

    It can be argued that a butterfly and a caterpillar are one and the same. OK, maybe they are – but not at the same time! It’s one or the other – but not both! So, which are you?

    As real estate investors, we all start off the same – as caterpillars. We just know the basics: how to crawl, eat leaves and poop. Our world is limited to the tiny branch we’re clinging to. We’re not much to look at, and we’re preyed upon by just about every creature in the animal kingdom. Our life expectancy is about 12 seconds.

    Now here’s the thing: God didn’t mean for caterpillars to stay caterpillars. He meant for them to grow and develop into beautiful, high-flying, far-traveling butterflies…but only those that are hardworking and resourceful get to complete the journey from caterpillar to butterfly.

    Let’s ask again: Which are you? Do you realize that it’s your choice?

    We have a friend named Bob. Bob is a good guy – a real likeable fellow. He has a good J-O-B but wants more. Since 2004, he’s regularly attended our real estate investor meetings. He knows how to talk to sellers. He understands the paperwork behind a deal. He knows a good deal from a bad one. He has the financial resources to pay for a property. Want to know how many deals Bob has done? ZERO! NADA! GOOSE EGG! NOTHING! Bob is stuck being a caterpillar.

    We also have friends named Joey and Ashley English. They’re in their twenties and expecting their first child – Tater Tot. They got interested in becoming real estate investors a few years back and are a couple who won’t be denied!

    About every time we talk, they have another potential deal to tell me about. For a long time, my advice was to pass on the “opportunity” because it wasn’t much of an opportunity. Even though I told them “No!” about 50 times, they wouldn’t quit.

    Several months back, they finally came across a deal worth doing and bought it. Last month, they bought two more investment properties – one was something called a Subject-to Deal and the other was bought at the Calhoun foreclosure auction.

    It’s beautiful watching Joey and Ashley (and Tater Tot) going through their metamorphosis. They are on the cusp, and from now on they will only be recognized as butterflies! And here’s the great thing: Once they become butterflies, they can NEVER go back to being caterpillars!

    We feel sorry for folks who refuse to make the leap…who are stuck clinging to the “safety” of their twig. They think they are grasping security. The truth is, they are anchored to mediocrity and if they continue doing what they are doing, they will never reach anything close to their full potential. Always remember: God don’t make junk! He wants you to be great! He needs you to be the best you that you can be!

    So which are you, a butterfly or a caterpillar? The world loves butterflies and looks on them with awe. Meanwhile, caterpillars are bombarded with pesticides and cuss words.

    Join us! Become a butterfly!

    Bill and Kim’s North Georgia Real Estate Investors Association meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the beautiful Hilton Garden Inn off Main Street in Cartersville, Georgia. For more info, go to