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    Hi everyone,

    I am ready to get started on this new adventure and I am so excited where this adventure will take me. I wanted to know when you rennovate the homes doi you use your own money or do you get loans. I do not not have much money to invest so i am trying to save as much as I can. How much money do you need to start up this buisness.

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    Traditional Advice

    The traditional advice is to Wholesale. This means to get your great deal and then immediately sell it to another investor for a small profit. ( maybe 5k - 10k.... sometimes smaller sometimes bigger.) The idea is to get your feet wet and build some cash. Steve Cook offers a course on this. You can probably search this forum too.
    Good Luck!
    ~ Christierei


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      How are you making out with your endeavors? I have been doing my homework for quite some time now and i feel like i am ready to start rehabbing homes. Were you able to get yourself up and running as planned?


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        Well it seems that Stephanie is another that is so last week person, but maybe not, maybe she will become part of the 5 percent that makes an attempt of some kind, and hopefully part of the 1 percent that does something.

        A investor friend of mine gave me a call about a month ago and we had a laugh, it seems a wannabe from years ago who was bugging us to help him learn the business was back wanting to try again getting started and begging for some free mentoring. We both were glad to help newbies and the last time he asked me I told him I had a meeting with someone on Sunday morning but could stop by his place for a few hours later before I had to go to family dinner with my in-laws , he sort of hemmed and hawed and said he really had something important to do that day.

        But on my way back from my meeting I passed his place and decided to stop and tell him if he wanted he could meet with me and some other investors at our weekly breakfast get together, got to the door and could see him stretched out in his underwear, drink in one hand and remote in the other watching the football games, so I left and during the week he bugged me again and I said OK I can get together Sunday, he said his wife was very religious and he had to spend most of the day at church with her. I rarely worked on Sunday but was willing to start his learning process with a little test first for motivation. He flunked, twice.