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More Wholesaling For Quick Cash

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Peter Gauthier

Peter Gauthier has had as many as 144 investors on 3 full size buses
competing for his wholesale deals all at once!

Pete is know for his “Deal Buying” Foreclosure Bus Tours for local investors through his company where he frequently sells multiple wholesale deals in a single day!

By profession, Pete is a commercial
airline pilot flying Jumbo Jets to Europe.

His real passion lies in touching real peoples lives
through his real estate activities.

Pete’s Real Estate Attorney calls his techniques “Pure Genius”!

Additionally, Pete has perfected the use of options in his business to control the real estate he wholesales using as little as $10, and without taking on any credit or risk.

In addition to his direct Real Estate operations, Pete is the owner of, the nation’s leading site on the internet for Real Estate Investors to congregate, network, and learn.

A National Speaker, Pete is regularly invited to make guest appearances at real estate investor clubs nationwide, and has made several guest appearances on WFED FM Talk Radio and has been interviewed in The Washington Post, other newspapers, and TV.


"You’re about to learn secrets
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  • How to Make Instant Cash – $10,000 Paydays With $10 Deposits
  • How To Build Long Term Tax Free Wealth
  • How To Be Fearless Making Offers Using Options
  • How To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook with Motivated Sellers
  • How to Wholesale Ethically and Totally Above Board
  • What To Say and How To Say It When Speaking With Sellers
  • How To Leverage The Power Of The Internet
  • What The High Volume Rehabbers Are Looking For From You – The Wholesaler
  • How To Negotiate Like A Pro
  • How To Leverage Technology In Your Wholesale Business to Run On Autopilot
  • How To Build A Million Dollar Buyers List
  • How To create and Tap Into Your Network Effortlessly
  • How To effortlessly Fund Your Children's Education Using Options
  • How To Qualify Your Wholesale Buyers
  • How To Manage the Closing Process
  • Plus much, much more…

With More Wholesaling For Quick Cash You'll Get...

  1. 200+ Page Complete Step-By-Step Manual
  2. 9 Audio CD's: Live Event Wholesaling Made Simple Recordings
  3. Audio CD:  How To Avoid The 7 Deadly Sins That Will Doom Your Deals
  4. Audio CD: How To Land A Whale - What High Volume Rehabbers Want From A Wholesaler - Robyn Thompson Interview
  5. Audio CD: Live - Talking To Motivated Sellers (student favorite & most popular)
  6. DVD Video: Advanced Marketing - RealQuest How To Create Your Own Targeted Mailing Lists With A High Probability Of Attracting Motivated Sellers With Equity And Deferred Maintenance (Junkers).
  7. DVD Video: Advanced Marketing - Google AdWords How To Set Up An Internet Marketing Campaign On Google Using Google AdWords
  8. Complete Forms On CD ROM
  9. DVD Video: Step-By-Step Walking Through How To Fill Out Option Paperwork Line By Line On Forms CD ROM
  10. Audio CD: Interview With Mike Barnes - How To Generate Almost Endless Leads Online

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More Wholesaling For Quick Cash