More Wholesaling For Quick Cash | Details

1) MORE…Wholesaling For Quick Cash
(200+ page Coursebook, 9 Power-Packed Audio CD’s, Forms Disk that includes thousands of dollars worth of contracts and marketing templates, And Option Contract DVD so you’ll know exactly how to use our flex-option to thousands wholesale properties for as little as just $10 out of pocket)
YOU WILL DISCOVER: How to Wholesale Ethically and Totally Above Board, How To Get Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook
with Motivated Sellers, How To Leverage The Power Of The Internet, What To Say and How To Say It When
Speaking With Sellers, How To Negotiate Like A Pro, How To Be Fearless Making Offers Using Options, What
The High Volume Rehabbers Are Looking For From You – The Wholesaler, How To Build A Million Dollar
Buyers List, How To Qualify Your Wholesale Buyers, How To Leverage Technology In Your Wholesale
Business to Run On Autopilot, How To create and Tap Into Your Network Effortlessly, How To Manage the
Closing Process, How to Make Instant Cash – $10,000 Paydays With $10 Deposits, How To Build Long Term
Tax Free Wealth, How To effortlessly Fund Your Childrens Education Using Options, Plus much, much

2) Internet Marketing DVD’s
DVD #1: How To Set Up An Internet Marketing Campaign On Google Using Google AdWords.
DVD #2: How To Create Your Own Targeted Mailing Lists With A High Probability Of Attracting Motivated
Sellers With Equity And Deferred Maintenance (Junkers).

Plus These Powerful Bonuses.
BONUS CD: What High Volume Rehabbers Want From A Wholesaler.
BONUS CD: How To Create Exponential Wealth Tax Free Wholesaling.
BONUS DVD: How To Get Your Website To The Top Of Google Overnight Without Costing You A Dime.